Music has been the most important thing 
in my life, for most of my life. 

I have been a pianist since the age of 4, beginning with ten years of classical training and music theory.  I started composing at age 16, after getting involved with musical theater and playing showtunes.  As a result, my composition has both the sound of classical piano along with the more modern influences of blues and jazz.  

I grew up in the North suburbs of Chicago, in Skokie, IL.  My brother was two years older than me, and also is musically gifted.  We also both are skilled in mathematics, which some scientists think are related to musical abilities in the brain.  When going to college in Boston, I chose not to study music as a degree because I wanted to remain free to work on composition in my own way, at my own pace.  I worried about what would happen to the music if it were demanded of me on a schedule, with my being focused on a "grade." 

Since high school, I have been involved and interested in musical theater.  I have performed onstage as a singer, dancer, and actress in various shows, and have been a vocal accompanist.  I have had roles from rehearsal pianist to musical director for some of my favorite shows.  I still remain active in community and professional stage productions.

In 2003, I moved from Boston to Las Vegas, where I live today.  It is an interesting city to live in for performers.  There are so many competing artists that it is quite a crowd compared to other places.  Performance jobs are mainly at the large casinos, which are not everyone’s dream job.  There also are not many coffeehouse-type places; cafes where open mics take place and new artists can practice and grow their art.  

Musical Influences:  


Pianists (Pop): Bruce Hornsby, Billy Joel, George Winston, David Lanz,
Jim Brickman, Tori Amos, Victor Borge, Sara MacLaughlin

Classical Composers: Mozart, Chopin, Beethoven, Bach

Other: Suzanne Vega, Loreena McKennitt, Sting, Peter Mulvey, 
Tracy Chapman, Paula Cole

Other Interests:

I also am a percussionist, with a whole section of a room dedicated to instruments from around the world.  Sometimes I am asked to lead drum workshops, or to accompany other musicians.

I like to cook interesting foods and desserts (baklava is my specialty).  I like to travel to new places (Greece 2007) and favorite ones, such as Hawaii and Santa Cruz, CA.  I am a math tutor to high school students, and have been a teacher and social work counselor.  I read tarot cards and believe in the unexplainable.  I pursue paths that lead to my own self growth and transformation.  I meditate and try to live intentionally.  I support alternative health modalities, such as acupuncture, naturopathy, massage, Reiki, and reflexology.  I believe in a greater power, and that faith and love can conquer most challenges, or at least make them bearable.

For events that are spiritual, musical, and community-minded, I participate in gatherings of community that center around drumming and dancing around a fire all night until the sunrise. Gatherings usually focus around one to three nights of sacred fire circles, where we light a fire after sunset and drum, sing, and dance all through the night until dawn.  This process often brings about some form of transformation in the individual, and can be powerfully healing, especially when done at a camping site for three nights in a row.   

If this sounds like fun, please visit and read about those events.


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