Comments from my listeners

"Scented Altar" by Katlyn Breene
Mermade Magickal Arts

"uniquely expressive"    
"extraordinary"     "soothing to my soul"     "emotive and lyrical"     "entrancing, magical, inspiring"
"full of lush harmonies and haunting melodies" 

"Your music is absolutely beautiful!! It is so expressive and I can tell it is coming directly from your soul. You are truly one with the music. I am also a dancer and I as I listened to your music I could feel my body wanting to interpret every phrase."

"I must say I enjoy your music so much! Your songs remain close to my heart and provide peace when needed in the stressful dealings of every day tasks. Your music is truly a breath of fresh air and a door to a better place. I thank God for having given you such talent and for your ability to share it with others."

"Wow, is WONDERFUL a strong enough adjective? That was as beautiful and relaxing as anything I've ever heard."

"Your music makes the angels sing and dance"

"I listened to your CD and found it quite wonderful. It put me in a calming place and let me forget lifes problems. The somewhat haunting chords seem to sooth my soul. I would tell anyone that this is a welcome change to most of the crap on the air today.  Please make more music for those of us that need it!"

"I am waiting to hear about that day where your music career sky rockets. You are an amazingly talented musician and I have always loved your music."

"To this day, your music still echoes in my head."

"I often listen to the CD you gave me and love it!  I hear something lovely and new everytime I hear your music."

"I can't wait to hear more.  It makes me more driven to get back to learning piano.  Thank you for sharing!"


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